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Health Centre

We boast of state of the art facilities ranging from a private gym to our sauna all the way up to our private massage therapy rooms.

“Your health is your greatest wealth.”

Stress is a silent enemy which operates in an immensely complex fashion and can be fatal when ignored or

Tayana Management

Our Signature Treatments

The best way to experience our wide collection of therapy treatments is to book an appointment.

We are a professional health spa offering a range of therapies to nourish your mind, body and soul. Our specialist therapists will help you choose a bespoke treatment package most beneficial to you. Tayana health spa is a one stop health and beauty spa, focusing on lifestyle improvement through treating the whole person.

The emphasis is on providing you with the awareness of their personal style and potential. Tayana literally means unity i.e state of being one accord, agreement and artistic harmony.

The health spa takes into cognizance, your overall pattern from the time you get out of bed to face life’s challenges right up to the time you retire for the day. Unity of the spirit, mind and body is Tayana’s ultimate goal.

“Acquiring inner peace with one’s environment promotes good health which is one’s wealthiest resource.”